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Riding the wealth Curve

The Secret to Wealth is…


Riding The Wealth Curve

(Don’t worry. We’re going to tell you the entire secret)


The Simple Key to grow more wealth for your Entire Life, your children's lives and your grand children's lives, etc. in perpetuity;

doesn’t necessarily require more capital but just requires a better strategy!





Most people would like more money!

Most everyone wishes for financial freedom!


But, in fact, the only plans they have are for spending money.

They are planning on surviving, not thriving.

Most Canadians can make millions of dollars in their lifetime.

They just don’t know how to keep it!



There are 3 kinds of people when it comes to money

  1. Borrowers:They don’t have enough money, so they borrow to live their lifestyle.

  2. Cash BuyersThey save money and pay cash for everything (I used to do this).

  3. Wealth BuildersThey do things right because they know how money really works.


What’s wrong with borrowing?

We all know the potential for borrowers to get into trouble.

They may end up owing interest on top of interest every month.

We call this “The Negative Wealth Curve”. It looks like this (and it’s very scary):



Banks want you to pay interest forever. It is to their advantage but there is another way!

When you don’t have any money, you have to borrow money.

However, to borrow money you must pay interest!

This is the PAY UP scenario! (However must you “PAY UP” interest to the Banker?)


What about the “Cash Buyer”?


The Cash Buyer understands money, doesn’t borrow, and thinks “Cash is King!”

Is this the right strategy? NO, this is the GIVE UP scenario!

Because every time you pay cash, you are “GIVING UP” all of the interest that your pile of money could have earned, forever (into your future, your children’s’ futures, your grandchildren’s’ futures, etc.)


The Wealth Curve


So what about “The Wealth Curve”? What does it look like and how does it work?

The Wealth Curve is simply the result of a powerful force known as “Compound Interest”.

Rumor has it that, when asked about the most powerful force in the universe, Einstein reportedly said, “Compound Interest”! But only when not interrupted!!



Borrowers are NOT on The Wealth Curve, but neither are Cash Buyers!

The Cash Buyer falls off The Wealth Curve each time he or she spends their savings

to make a purchase.


Falling Off the Wealth Curve


What does it mean to “Fall Off The Wealth Curve”?

It means that you’ve lost all the compound interest growth potential in that

cash that you spent.

Remember “PAY UP or GIVE UP!”?

That money you spent, could have earned you and your children, and grandchildren

wealth in perpetuity.

Believe it or not, “Cash is NOT King”. There is a better way.


The Cost of Falling Off the Wealth Curve



In this example, notice the portion of growth on The Wealth Curve that was lost? Note how your loss increases over time!

Notice how in this example the person fell off The Wealth Curve just that one time!

Most of us are falling off The Wealth Curve several times per year!


Can you see the terrible effect of falling off The Wealth Curve?


Riding the Wealth Curve

In order to get onboard The Wealth Curve, you simply need to do three things:


1. Keep your money in a place where it can grow forever, tax-free.

A properly set-up Dividend-paying Whole Life Insurance Policy is the vehicle of choice that Banks use. (And us too!)


2. Borrow any money you need to purchase large items.

Borrow against the “Cash Value” of your Policy any time, no questions asked.


3. Pay yourself back (with interest) from your future earned income.

Instead of paying interest to the bank as you would have had to; why not pay yourself back!?


Now That You Know the Secret

You can ride The Wealth Curve, too!

We have the ultimate strategy to keep you on The Wealth Curve!


For a complimentary consultation, please EMAIL us today!




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Keep your eyes on the horizon!

Keep your eyes on the horizon!

Our daughter Ginny who provides complimentary consultation for our clients, is a successful Life and Law of Attraction Coach. 

This summer we had the pleasure of sailing as a family out West, and she was inspired to include her experience in her most recent blog 'Avoid Yakking all over Life'.  We continuously enforce the importance of staying on track towards achieving your goals to our clients.  Ginny has captured the importance of staying focused on your life goals and dreams so eloquently and humourously in this blog.  Read it here!

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Rich Gane
May 17, 2017
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