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Our Team



Richard S. Gane BBA, CFP, CLU 

Sr. Financial Coach and Principal

 Rich Gane is founder and president of Gane Financial.  Rich is a highly regarded   advisor, educator and financial coach to individuals and entrepreneurs.  Rich’s   strong belief that we can be, do or have anything we truly desire in life is   evident in  all areas of his coaching, which works to help individuals reach their   full potential  in their business and personal lives.


 Rich has 27 years experience in financial planning, 5 years in accounting and   auditing, many years in private business, a degree from Wilfred Laurier in   Business   Administration, is a Chartered Life Underwriter and a Certified   Financial Planner,   and a member of the Financial Horizons Elite 30.

Rich is married to Sheila, his partner in business and in life.  They jointly own and operate Gane Financial with their son Adam in Barrie, Ontario.  Rich and Sheila reside north of Barrie in the Horseshoe Valley area.  Rich is an avid sailor and in the past an instructor evaluator with the CYA, an owner operator of New Horizons Sailing School at the Hamilton RHYC and has taught over 1000 adult sailing students.  Rich and Sheila have two children, Ginny and Adam.


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Adam M. Gane B.ENG

Financial Coach and CEO


Adam grew up learning to manage his finances from both his parents. He became interested in the family business at age 16, when he learned the strategies that taught him how to recover the cost and interest of major capital purchases -his first major purchase was his motorcycle!


Adam has his diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Algonquin College and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lakehead University. Adam acquired an engineering job in Saskatoon, SK where he worked for 2 years. After a year and a half of engineering he decided he would rather teach people how their own ‘Private Financing System’ can help improve their life. He completed his full Life License and then started to coach in his spare time. He joined Gane Financial full time in 2014, where he worked in Saskatoon, for a year. Adam is now working at the main office in Barrie, ON but still represents clients in Western Canada.


Adam is energetic and full of practical new ideas that aid in the coaching of our younger clientele. He brings different viewpoints to many areas within the business, and he has a natural ability to explain concepts and strategies in a logical and clear manner.


Some of Adam's favourite things include volleyball, golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, anything on the water, camping, reading, playing guitar, and spending time with his friends.


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Sheila Langdon Gane

Managing Partner


Passionate and full of life, Sheila Gane is the partner and ‘Executive Manager’ of Gane Financial.

Sheila’s joyous and easy-going energy adds an important balance to the office, as her creative ideas and unique ability for transforming ideas into action steps has allowed Gane Financial to set its sails through new waters.

She and her husband Rich have been self-employed business owners for almost 3 decades and with Gane Financial for over 20 years in Barrie, Ontario. Sheila places a high value on the time freedom that comes with being self-employed and claims one of the highlights of her life was raising her two children, Ginny and Adam.

Sheila believes a pivotal point in her life came in 1976 when she read “Your Erroneous Zones” by Wayne Dyer. She was introduced to the concept of personal control over one's thoughts and how thoughts determine actions and thus behaviour.  Wayne Dyer opened up a world of amazing authors and knowledge, and she was honoured to meet him in person in 2003.

When not involved with work, Sheila enjoys sailing, cycling, walking, kayaking, camping, knitting, reading, good friends and travelling.


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Jacqueline Damas

Client Relations /New Business Administrator 



 Jacqueline was born and raised just outside of Barrie, ON, where she   first developed her love for the quiet countryside. She currently lives in Barrie’s   south  end with her husband Jason and three wonderful stepsons (Kyle, Josh   and Tate).

 Jacqueline obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Laurentian   University. Following that, she obtained her Post Graduate Certificate in Human   Resources Management from Georgian College. She has spent the majority of   her career as a Corporate Recruiter, mainly focusing in the Retail and Supply   Chain industries. After ten years in recruitment, Jacqueline was itching to use   her talents learning something new. The financial world certainly was that! She joined the Gane Financial team in May 2018 and has loved every moment of it.

Jacqueline has a positive customer focused personality. She always takes the time to listen to the needs of each client and strives to build a lasting relationship with each of them. She has an inquisitive mind, and enjoys diving into problems to find the root cause.

Outside of work, she enjoys golfing, travelling, taking long walks with her dog Manni, and spending time with her family and friends.


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Toni Langdon

Client Services Administrator


 Toni Langdon works out of Kitchener, Ontario as Gane Financials’ virtual client   services administrator. Toni’s caring, patient and detail-oriented nature   enhance the effectiveness of her position. Toni is diligent and self-motivated.


 Toni’s heart is with our clients, and her goal is to service them efficiently and   quickly to keep them on track to optimize their financial economy.


 Her background initially was in graphic design, later shifting to the Insurance   Industry. She worked for SunLife Financial for 16 years, wherein she achieved   an  I Star award for her outstanding service to her internal/external partners.

She is married to her best friend and husband John Langdon. They have three wonderful, successful

children and eight beautiful grandchildren. Work/Family life balance is most important to Toni, and

Gane Financial is the perfect fit for her.


Toni enjoys her family and friends, yoga and music.




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