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Client Benefits
Why Choose Gane Financial?





        Increase your financial literacy and how money 

        works. Increase your money supply and ability to enjoy

        more of your money. Creating more income does not

        require more money. (it just requires a better strategy).




        Discover areas where you are losing potentially

        thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars over

        your lifetime by 'folloiwng' TRADITIONAL financial

        advice. Discover your areas of vulnerability or resiliency

        in your current financial model.




        Receive your own customized 1-page model (game

        board) with strategies that will maximize the efficiency of

        your money and minimize the eroding factors of your

        money such as inflation, taxes, market volatility and fees.




        Improve your whole financial ecomony so that everything

        is integrated, coordinated and organized in the most

        effective manner.




        Access to a dedicated team to coach you through your

        decisions, review and monitor your progress on a   

        regular basis




        Freedom from worry and peace of mind



We can introduce you to concepts/strategies that will allow you to capitalize on:


A tax-free growth accumulation


A safe harbour for your money with never a loss of capital

A tax-free distribution  



A backup plan for unplanned and unforeseen events



Freedom of use, liquidity and control of your money


Unlimited investment options


The power of uninterrupted compound interest



Solidifying access to your money throughout a lifetime


Recoup the interest you lose making major purchases



Building your own privatized bank (private reserve


A competitive rate of return



Creditor Proof

A place for excess contributions  


A financial model to educate your immediate family


Access for guaranteed collateralization



Protection for loved ones in case of early departure


A lasting legacy to future generations



Opportunity to participate in a non-regulated strategy


If you are the type of individual who wants to gain control or expand your current financial situation,         click here to watch our video, or contact us today for a complimentary meeting.

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